Sunday, 30 December 2007

The Bug-Hunting Instinct ~

As a half-breed biology student.. I have to create a folio on bugs in which I have to collect up to 25 species of bugs ..

So.. it's bug hunting season for me in this shitty holiday..

And now it's all over... bug hunting has ended and my bugs have been presented beautifully in a frame..

And here comes the side effect : I've developed an beastly instinct for bugs .... =="

Every time i sees a butterfly like this !! :


I'll clinch my fists... My ass-hole tightens .. my "brother" stands up ... my eye sharpen......

Usually butterflies become my target due to their stupidness as well as their beauty .. ( do i sound sexist ?? )

And my cerebrum reminds me that it's over ~ Yes, PIG !! Bug-hunting is over !!



During bug-hunting season.. i would usually say to myself :"Go Babi GO !!!"

But now... sigh ...

Whatever the hell is it ..

It's time to stick my ass to the class-room and start studying ...

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