Sunday, 9 December 2007

Busy and tired ...

Sorry guys..

Recently i got a lot's of things to do ...

Let me list a few :

  1. Make home-made burger .. ( they taste better than Big Mac )
  2. Make fish fingers ..
  3. Make cappuccino ..
  4. Keep up with study schedule ... ( yet I'm still lagging behind !! )
  5. Working out things for my biology project ~~
  6. Played badminton !!
Walao eh...

Tired , very very tired ..

I remember CrowKing asked me to teach him how to organize a time table...
Well, Crowking ... apparently I'm also being engulfed by my own time... How should i teach you ??

Anyway ... a busy person is a happy person , I had to admit that...

Being busy made me feel occupied... I felt as if this life is very meaningful to me .. buahahaha ...

As if I'm a philosopher .... Shit ~

Ok.. It's bed-time dude ... gotta go ~~

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