Thursday, 6 December 2007

Maglev Wind Turbine

As usual, I wake up... I bath... I had Indonesian coffee and I browse the net...

Then one thing struck my mind...

If Global Warming continues : I won't be able to enjoy Java coffee anymore ~~

Since Indonesian coffees are made of Arabica bean : Bean grown on high altitude ..

If global warming continues, temperature on those hilly mountains will continue to rise ..

And my Kopi will be gone !!!!?!?!!!!!!


No, i won't let that happen ..

Now there's only 2 ways left ..

1st : Promote anti-global warming ..
2nd : Beg Samuel Law to breed genetically modified Arabica coffee plants so that they can be grown at my garden ...

....... Looks like 1st choice is more practical , as what my friend Samuel will do is clone some office lady to accompany him ... :P

( Sorry Samuel , I really feel like saying it now !! Buahahaha !! )

So, i surfed the net and found this giant :


Buahaha ~~ It's called Maglev wind turbine.. drawn at full scale.

Compare it with conventional wind turbine which is located at the right , it looks kinda weird though ...

( Looks like a shit bucket with ventilation system to spread the odor throughout the city ... enuf crapz , babi .. continue )

Ok.. A small intro for this wind turbine :

It reduce operating cost to only 50% of conventional wind turbine ( the type that looked like a kipas )

It has 20% more generating capacity ...

It has already been planned in US and China ... ( hope Samuel get to see it in US and forget about OL ) ..

It has an estimated life-time of.......... 500 years (wtf ?! ==" my cucu's cucu's cucu still can enjoy Kopi )

It operates well even with wind capacity of only
1.5 m/s to 40 m/s ...

Gonna love this wind turbine !!

It's going to bring me more Java coffee !!

Yipeeee !!!!!!!!!

1 comment:

S@m said...

who says?there's still another way..that is stop drinking coffee..=P and who said tat I clone ol for myself?=.= it benefits you too actually.. how do u think the mv u dled from internet come from,if without the ols?(so noble lih me?thx me XD)

btw,i dont really think the kipas thing can help much in reducing the global warming...since the main contributor to global warming isnt exactly juz one(such as the fume emitted by vehicle,the usage of refrigerator,cfc and etc)