Monday, 17 December 2007

What they have said so far ~~~

Fletcher: Scare lih?XD
Ramli: swt~ok ok,forget what I said..
Fletcher: Fire me?You havent try my super cane yet!Wanna hav a taste of it??Want?!
Ramli: Talk somemore I will fire u all!!
Ramli: All shut up ok??
Pn See: Aiyo Mr fletcher, i never know u know how to use 'pai seh' one leh.......geng...wan kopi? sedap o~
Pn. Teoh: Nvm... at least i didn't do any Physics mistakes here.... HEheheeh ~~~
落叶: Impossible teacher will write here la, dun nid check grammar mistake oso know la Fletcher: Teacher cant do mistake is it?Paiseh,that time typed too fast XD
Anizat: Hoi budak!Nak kena potong rambut lagi kah? XD
Hoh: I wan u to TRY!!!!!!!!!
Pn. Teoh: Haiyo... Let the students speak their own right la !
Kathirasan: Dono XD
Fletcher: WTF are this blog for?

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wenyi said...

swt... who started this?
boy y your blog so bzeng?