Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Pig Lord is BACK !!!

Before I start, i would like to apologize to all my readers who has been wondering where the hell is this MAD PIG !

Well, apparently.. Some block-head has stolen my telephone cable last month ...

and, i lost internet connection ... :(

I lost internet traffic... I lost revenue... and i lost precious time to promote this damn blog !!!

Damn that blog head !!

And most of all .... DAMN YOU !! TM-NET !!!

I lost my cable connection and you guys came only after one damn long month !!!!


Seriously , I'm thinking of changing over to Celcom 3G Broadband plan...

Reason : Copper price shoot up high recently .. Cable stealing has never been an easier way to earn some illegal income ...

Anyway... I've receive complain about the heading of this blog... The human-pig ..

Well, don't worry and stay tuned.. I'm now pirating hunting for some new graphics and stay TUNED !!!!!

1 comment:

S@m said...

lol,welcome back~