Monday, 17 December 2007

I want more money !!!

Recently I'm finding myself more and more stingy..

For what reason I'm so damn stingy ? I also dunno...most probably I've started to understand the hardship of earning money..

Examples of my "kiam-ku" ( an excerpt from our two famous Miss Lim ) behaviour ...

  1. I make my own burger meat. By using the burger meat i made+burger bun+tomato slices+cabbage .. I'm capable of feeding myself ( up to a very full extent ) with only RM2.50 !
  2. I'll only buy milk from Econsave, which is only +/- RM 3.70 per box !! As compared to RM 4.40 in Tesco and Giant... SHIT ~
  3. I quit drinking Milo ... ( honestly it's an expensive drink compared to coffee )
  4. I bathed only twice a day ... ( only during windy weathers !! )
  5. I picked a spot in my house where I don't need to switch on the light to study ..
  6. I plant my own peanuts as snacks .. ( damn those peanuts... they growed damn slow !!! )
So.... I'm pretty stingy huh ??

You rate it !

1 comment:

wenyi said...

eh you still planting the peanuts meh?