Monday, 18 August 2008

沒有花の日子 : Day 59 ...

Exam is near.... Chong Wei is out ..


I am not going to study my PA already ... it's time wasting !! Diao it !!

Now the concentration is on my Bio , Physic and Maths..

Chemistry wise .. Thanks to Kathiresan , his flashcards method works very well for me ... :)
The only part to take care of in Chemistry is Electrochemistry , Thermochemistry and Equilibrium .. Which i sucks at these chapters..

As for biology ... kinda worried .. SO DAMN MUCH !!

Physic ... HALF-LIFE !!

Maths i'll need to bank on paper 1 .. as Doraemon said .. paper 2 is really like gambling !

On more thing to take care of ..

MY dear Snow White ..

Sayang ar ,

It's been almost 2 months .. I missed you a lot .. :(
I'll try my best to find a path that can let me reunite with you as soon as possible :)

From your pig-head BF :P

The rest of you who are reading this blog dont throw egg at me !!!
Run Babi RUN !!!

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