Sunday, 31 August 2008

沒有花の日子 : Day 72 ...Mer-Dey-Kah

Damn stupid and boring Sunday ..

Luckily i managed to revise my Physic till thermodynamics :) .. *clap*

I made some budgeting today ... and all i need is 4 As and above , one contract , PTPTN loan and hardwork ... AND I"M GETTING OUTTA THIS GR**T COUNTRY !!

:) .. Babi Go !!


Anonymous said...


Seriously, to tell you the truth, I really wish that I can live the STPM life again.

Anyway, add oil for your exam ya. STPM ain't as tough as what you would have thought.


dixon said...

Day_dreamer, hey hey,i dont get the "one contract" part. >.<

enlight me... ^____^

kah yao!!!!!!