Wednesday, 6 August 2008

No More Hari KoKu !!

damn it !

Tomorrow will be the last hari koko in my life time !

Hari koko sucks !!

Especially when u had a brainless moronic head-of-all-teacher !! (woops... did i mention sekuuuoolll perrinnshibail ??)

It cost me my time with my girlfriend !!

It cost me my time with my studies !!!

I cost me my time with my bed !!!

It cost me ... COST ME ~~~~~~~

COST ME FREAKING BLOODY SHITTY BITHCY FUCKY amount of time and petroleum !!

*the writer is under the influence of mega-drug called "Exothermionic-Babi-Catalyse" , so expect lots of heat as it's exothermic !!

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