Tuesday, 1 January 2008

A Trip To Kilim Geoforest Park

About 10 days ago, I joined my parents over to Langkawi for a short escape from the city .. travelling on a low budget though - that's why you guys must keep on visiting my blog to boost my Nuffnang income :)

Well, among the highlights of the trip to Langkawi is of course a tour in Kilim Geoforest Park :

Kilim Geoforest Park

Yeah.. I know, some of you are thinking of Hollywood or Jurassic Park or a mixture of both..

But this "geoforest park" title is presented by UNESCO !!

No choice.. Had to accept it anyway..

The rocks you guys see are really from the Jurassic period .. They may have surfaced from the sea millions of years ago..

HaHa... Sounds interesting ??

LOL ~ Here's where I boarded the small tour boat that brought me around the park :

Picture 161

Just a small jetty though , but it's built in a beautiful mangrove region !! Imagine view like this :

Picture 159

Then we hoped on our little boat and started touring .. 1st stop : Vampire Cave

Picture 185

Just kidding, budak bodoh !

Vampire bat never exists in Malaysia !

These are just fruit bats !!

Next stop : Mangrove monkeys feeding

Picture 200

Pretty boring about these monkeys though ... You can find bigger one in Penang Island.

Next stop : Fish farms

Picture 214

Before we docked on those fishy farms.. i wanna show you guys some cool spots :

Picture 214

Picture 297

Due to our close border with Thailand... They had to set up radars like this.. ( as if Thaksin are hiding in the mangroves , == )

And here we are in the fish farm !!

Picture 322

What to do here ??

1st : watch fish

Picture 298

2nd : watch sea living creature

Picture 300


Picture 308

Picture 307

Picture 305

Haha !! Those damn stingray has sticky skins !! YUCKS !!

4th : Bully puffer fish !!!

Picture 315

Picture 319

Hm... muka bodoh bodoh ~

last ... watch the bodoh bodoh decrease in size :

Picture 321

Picture 324

Picture 325

and BOOM !! into the water ..
Picture 326


there are some more... but I'm lazy to blog anymore today..

to be continued ~


artcreator said...

Nice photos! Wish to have a visit there too! Find a time for us to go lah! Haha! If I'm not mistaken, that place just chosen as one of the most oldest rock habitat (I also dono how to describe) of the world rite? Hmm...

And 1 more thing, many foreigners!!!

Gila Babi said...

@artcreator :

Yes ... it is !!

It's made of lime stone and oldest in Malaysia !!

Anonymous said...

The Bodoh Fish Can make Sambal Belacan Or not

Anonymous said...

Err May I ask You Somthing
U came To Langkawi Using travel Agent Am I Right. How Much They Charge U
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