Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Who don't love Lexus cars... ?

To be honest .. recently my obsession with practicality and luxury has led me shift my dream cars from BMWs to a Lexus ..

YUP ... but , Lexus ?? Hamik Lai ?? Ina Puring Ge ??

I know .. when i said the word Lexus to people , they'll go :


Yes... Malaysians have problems knowing what's a Lexus anyway ..

Lexus Logo

Ok, Lexus is a luxury vehicles division of Toyota. It's a brand born in 1989 and since it's first debut at the same year it has been known for excellence performance and reliability. In recent years it was voted as the top 5 most reliable car brand in US by Consumer Report.

And their slogan is The Pursuit of Perfection.

BBC motor show Top Gear has always placed Lexus at their top brand .. :)

So, what makes this brand of cars so excellent ??

In 1983, Toyota chairman Eiji Toyoda ( his name sounds very appropriate for his post, LOL ~ ) summoned a secret meeting with the company's executives. The main topic for that meeting is : "Can we create a luxury vehicle to challenge the world's best like Chrysler, BMW and Mercedez ?"

The outcome of the meeting ?? = The F1 project ( F = flagship , 1 is No.1 )

So finally .. the first Lexus is born ! And the legacy continues .....

In Malaysia , our beloved 1st national car model , the Proton Saga recently revealed their new model , so does Lexus ! Bringing their luxury car line model to a younger and hype generation :

The Lexus ISF :


And if you guys watched the movie Minority Report, have you guys noticed this car :


Yes , it's a Lexus 2054. A car custom made for Steven Spielberg upon Spielberg personal request to Lexus !!

The sad thing is not much people knows about Lexus cars !! All they know is BMW and Merceds Benz !!

To be practical, BMW may rev up your car from 0 to 60 in just 3 seconds, whereas a Lexus might take up to 6. BUT !! WHO cares to drive so fast anyway !? We are not Hollywood stun-men nor F1 drivers !!

We are just some poor little stupid Malaysian drivers who paid cash to policeman when summoned !!!

But i believe things will change in future .. :)

Lexus will make the Japanese stand out among the Jerries ..


lovie said...

I like the red one, looks real cool. =D
Anyway, I think nowadays more people will get to know Lexus because more can be seen on the road. =)

Anonymous said...

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Basil Glenn said...

Wow, I'm astonished with the look of red Lexus 2054! 2054, indeed; futuristic at its best! Now back to your question “Who don't love Lexus cars...?” My answer is: I don't know. =) I know some who associate it with the rich, but the people I know personally know that has this ride see its practical function more than just being a flashy car.