Friday, 18 January 2008

Should you give a gift to someone who forgot to ask you to his marriage ??

What will you do if something like that happens to you ??

Diu or no diu ??

To me ... it's diu !!

Not that the person is DIU ! .. We should also DIU that person by giving him a present anyway ..

BUT !!!!

Give the present in a *&^king way ...

Yes !! BABI !! YES !!

Why ?? Cause your friend suffers much too when he realize that you weren't invited... It's gonna be a terrible suffering for him/her to be worried all day long on the BIG DAY !! hahaha


Anyway... I'm gonna suggest you a few PRETTY GOOD ways to give your friend a gift :

1ST !!

Buy him a vibrator !! (only for male friends though ... )


Let him know that it's gonna be a great help since he won't last more than 10 minutes on the war-zone anyway ...

2ND !!

Buy him a family planning guide...

book with writings..

Tell him don't always work too much in the war-zone ..

3RD !!


Not a gift anyway .. More of a surprise !
Go to Jalan Bukit Bintang and hire one prostitute ..
Ask her to go to your friend's house one night when he is having a great fun with his newly-wed wife...

Then ask the prostitute to speak this dialog when she reached his house and ring his door bell and he comes out with his boxer half-worn with his wife following from the back:

"Abang ar... Lu kata mahu naik kuda saya malam ini ... Wa tak boleh tahan liao la... Wa mahu naik kuda sekalang la !!!! "

LOL ~~ This is definitely a great hit for him as he'll be missing a long time of !@#king session with his new wife .. :)

That's all , from Gila Babi today .. :)

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