Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Green Tea Latte

Coffee... some stupid beverage i picked up when i'm in my NS year...

Life in NS is tough ! .. Not like the Singaporean's NS .. Malaysian NS really toughened someone..

Fatigue and tiredness made me packed up my bag with a full loads of Nescafe 3-in-1 little sachets..

And i know many of you would be shocked if i tell you where i sip my coffee ~~


Actually i sipped them when the Malays are chanting their prayers at night ..

Location where i sipped my coffee ?? LOL ~ Beside the mosque !!!

Haha... Whatever it is.. no one bashed me for doing that and i'm feeling proud of it..

Soon i picked up tea too ~ Especially green tea...

I loved green tea! They are smooth .. they are a bit bitter and they smells good !!

So one day i came across New Straits Time about this cool drink where they mix frothed milk with green tea !!

Cool ?? You decide... I'll only post the picture of that drink later ~~ Not feeling well now ~~

Sorry ... i made a big mistake and messed up the drink ~
You guys might have to wait till tomorrow ~~

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