Saturday, 12 January 2008

Valentine's Day is just a month away ~~

My nightmare is approaching soon...

My nightmare is giving me nightmare literally !!!

My nightmare is gonna make me work hard to keep my girl HAPPY !!!!!

My nightmare is ... actually a blessing too....

My nightmare+blessing is ...



Yes... to be honest, it can either be a blessing or a nightmare .. haha

Ok... Let's analyse properly :

Blessing :
1. Saves me dinner cost.
2. Saves me petrol cost.
3. Saves me some time.. ( she's gonna kill me if she knows this .. XD )

Nightmare :
1. Gift must be special..
2. Dinner must be special..
3. Price of roses shoot like a rocket !!!
4. My angpau money will be gone... ( she's gonna turn me into a pork chop .. :P )

By the day before Valentine's Day i should be tired like this :

tired kid copy

Whatever it is... a girlfriend is a girlfriend..

I want to pick her up as a girlfriend.. I have to be responsible.

Whether it's financially, mentally, emotionally or physically ( don't be dirty , ok ? ) .. i MUST be prepared..

So so so ...

You guys musts come to this blog more often so that i can EARN MORE MONEY OUT OF THE ADS FOR THE SAKE OF MY HAPPINESS !!!!


Alic3 said...

hihi~~ im here....

lovie said...

Actually, since her birthday falls on valentine's day, you can save all the trouble from celebrating twice right? =D
Hope your girlfriend have a great day. =D

Gila Babi said...


LOL ~ ya you are right :)