Sunday, 20 January 2008

Pamela Anderson the Ugly Betty ??

Just read this up on CelebrityGossip , and i kinda felt disgusted for these Playboy celebrities..

First of all... this was how she used to look like :


Then following gossips about her divorce with Rick Soloman ... which is actually her 3rd hubby .. guess that's what happens to girls when they become way too sexy and earn the Playmate of the Year title after all... BAD GIRLS ~

Then there was rumors about her pregnancy having Rick's baby ... WTFish ?!

And then she hosted some shitty party in her house , where by .. I'm terribly disgusted by her appearance .... ::



Damn !! Are those boobs fake ?!

What the hell !!!

And is she spending too much on divorcing her husband ?!

She cannot even fork out some bucks to put on some nice hair !!


Playmates = [(Bitches)^2 ] x (don't wear bra)

Lucky for me...

I'd never liked Playboy magazines... I'd only love their clothes :)



Freethinker said...

her boobs has always been fake ...not news..

kirksie boi said...

havent they been fake since, forever?

Gila Babi said...


Is it ?? Since when ??

@kirksie boi:

Not sure .. though it looks solid to me on the first pic ~

kirksie boi said...

yEs Hun, they've been fake since the days of tommy lee, kid rock, all that...and i've seen pictures of her without makeup, it's WAY worse than that.


~Bee Nee~ said...

eeee... scary...