Sunday, 27 January 2008

Obama wins in South Carolina !!

Holy shit !!

The Black King did it again !!

Yippee !! Even though I don't have the right to vote in America , I'm happy about it for the world !!

Yeah ! Obama is the Man the world needs now !

The big-brother Obama is going to change America into a good nation once again..

After all... The Great Yankee Land has become way too Bushy.. It's time for O!-BaMa! to clean up all those nasty Bushes !!

"Over two weeks ago, we saw the people of Iowa proclaim that our time for change has come. But there were those who doubted this country's desire for something new – who said Iowa was a fluke not to be repeated again," he told a frenzied crowd of about 1,500.
Muahahaah !!

My hope now is Obama wins it and he'll lead America to stick to the Kyoto Protocol.

Reason : one tiny American state produce one of the finest grade of coffee in the world !!

Which state ?


Kona Blend
Kona Dark Roast

Yes ! If global warming continues, my beloved Hawaiian Kona Dark Roast is going to be gone !!

So my fellow American readers !!

Vote Obama = Bounty of Kona Coffee for ya !!

Kiss ass that Hillary !!

She's just gonna make you guys go to war in Iraq again !! ( maybe Iran too ! )


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