Monday, 21 January 2008

Blogging Etique - What we need to cultivate in Malaysian blogosphere ~~

I dare to say that Malaysian blogosphere is facing one of it's biggest crisis at the moment .. Bloggers may had grown in number...

BUT !!!!

The quality of blogs never grow even an inch !! NenePOT !!!
( two centimeter got la , 2cm < 1 inch )

Reason ? Despite we have superb blogs like , , timothytiah ??

The rate of emergence of "quality bloggers" are far to low compared to the blogger's rate of increase !

And worst of all... Many new bloggers care only for their "ads" money !!! DAMN !!

I'll give you one damn example :


DIU .... if you want to ask people to do so... tell them privately lar...
no need to be so open one lar...
you can always use msn or whatever piece of shit to ask ppl to click on your ads !! Why are you behaving like an ass-hole and be so open ?!

2nd bad sign of stupid Malaysian bloggers :

The whole page is made up of ads and ads are their sole content !!!

Example Blog

3rd idiotic sign :

cam-whoring ...

incase you guys mistaken me.. i mean excessive camwhoring !!!!!!!

Yes !!!

Have you ever seen a page without a post more than 50 words but with pictures of cam-whored self portraits ??!! Up to more than 50 pics on a single page !!!!!!

OMG ~~ and worst of all.... these people who cam-whored too much actually looked ugly ..

YES dude .. not beautiful !
( i'll not give any examples but to regular blog hoppers they knew what the hell am i talking )

And they exposed themselves to potential rapists who might be stalking them all the time..

Then rape is associated to blogging then the government wants to ban blogging ... Possible scenario ??

Yes.. to me , it's a DEFCON 1 worst case scenario for all of the bloggers in Malaysia !

You may think that I've been too hyperbolic ... yet , it's my authentic personal view.

I write, i reread and i reedit and post my posts .. and forget about it and i don't even give a piece of shit about what I've blogged ... it's my principle anyway it ? read my blog more ..

Hate it ?? Don't give a piece of shitty thought about my blog anymore ..


Kevin Chan said...

haha, I so agree! And so many ah-lian blogs around these days too!

[s][e][x][y][i][n][r][e][d] said...'re quite right...and it's kinda funny the way you put it...

I realized most malaysian bloggers are all about personal blog without any specific niche....and I guess that's why the cam whoring thing...especially when there's nothing much to say...

And yeah sometimes people don't realized it that too much ads without any substance...will definitely turned off their readers...

Anyway just my 2 cents =)

coolku said...

i agree wif u too but dun like the tone u r using. lolz

btw, i juz removed others advertising network yesterday. past, i had four all 2gather. feel dizzy when view my blog. :)

malaysian blogger really burst up in quantity but not quality.

artcreator said...

how bout my newspaper?

lovie said...

Too many advertisements really annoy me, plus the page takes a freaking long time to load. =D