Tuesday, 29 January 2008

The Best Way to Ward of Pervert From Your Blog by GreenLatte Infinitium Guide

I understand many bloggers especially female ones have a tough time keeping up their blogging habit due to perverts who invade their blog and made them lost their sense of security.

After giving a good thought of how can i actually scare them(perverts) away from my blog .. I've come up with 3 good ways :

First and one of the best way ! :

What do perverts actually look for on the net ? Usually pornography or pictures of beautiful and sexy young girls, right ??

Well... You give them the opposite, they'll go away naturally !
Yes !
They are like magnets !
Just change the poles and they go !

Pictures of fat and disgusting women are of the best ! Put them on the header and you'll keep them running away from your blog !!

Here's some examples ..



I bet this one sure scares them away like hell ! Haha !!

Anyway .. Be careful on the pictures you chose though .. Cause I've found one good example which may either scare them away or attract more of them. This is it !

So then again .. the best way is find pictures of these fat ugly women... show them to your male friends and put these pictures as the header of your blog !

Bet it's gonna work !!

No man's Batang will stand if they see such pictures !

Second Way :

Don't reveal that you are a girl ! If you can ..

I understand many of you wants to be feminist and reveal yourself as a girl ..

Many even posted tonnes and tonnes of cam-whored pics !

And then those damn perverts come and come ...

Your prince on the white horse .. however .. never come !

Hey Kid !! Wake up !! This is the Internet !! INTERNET !!!!!!!


Not some fucked up Disney Cartoon !! Nor "Enchanted" !!

Third Way :

Use vulgar words !

Yes... somehow perverts have the perception that women who are gentle and full of manners are beautiful and good..

Somehow .. the theory simply works that way for a pervert !

Imagine some pretty girls like Nicole Kidman said to you :"Hey you son of the bitch !! Fuck off !! Go chop of your own dick and eat it...!!"

What would you think ??

Will any man stood up their Batang ??

Impossible isn't it ?

So don't follow good mama's advice on the Internet.

Keep those nasty words flying all over your blog !!!!

That's all... Hope they work ! :)


bluecrystaldude said...

Ewww.. haha

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S@m said...

ziyi..why recently all ur post also very sweat can pervert teach ppl how to ward pervert?isk isk XD

Miss Nobody said...

ok from now on i'm not coming here cz u post ugly woman pics... kidding