Sunday, 8 July 2007

08/07/07 - CO2 source ..

Have you ever wondered where did the Carbon Dioxide gases that caused global warming came from ??

Well, today as i flipped through News Straits Time .. I found this small little collumn and decided to share it with the world .. :)

It's a report by Siemens .. So, don't blame me if the infos are not accurate .. :P

Forestry - 14 %
Industry (direct primary energy consumption) - 22%
Industry (electricity) - 11%
Buildings (electricity) - 13 %
Building (direct primary energy consumption) - 8%
Transport - 14%
Agriculture/Waste - 18%

Haha ~ Shocking ... Agriculture stands so damn high ~~ Hopefully more work can be done to reduce the fractions on transports .. Cause imagine one day when China is making good money and all of its citizen want to own a car .. That would be the beginning of Earth's self-destruction ..


Anonymous said...

china now produces d most carbon dioxide..even more den d united states..not only bcz of the popularity bt oso bcz of the cement making.errr if not wrong lar

*JIING--------------JIUNN* said...

it is
jz been thru the gp enrichment lecture.