Tuesday, 24 July 2007

24/07/07 - How are you ...... ?

Today, TNB wants to conduct some electrical supply maintaining work near my house.. So the electrical supply has to be cut of for about 10 hours ... WTF !? Why so long ?? I don't know ...

Perhaps one of the top TNB manager who is a female wants to experience delivering a birth in the transformer ? LOL ~~ Just kidding ... :)

Since there's no current, I don't feel like doing anything .. So i took a nap.. ( 4 hours consider a nap or not ? ) ..

In that nap.. I had a dream .. I dream of my friends.. Many of which has already left the humble little town of Sungai Petani .. All over the world .. All over Malaysia .. Pursuing their dreams and future .. Then .. On one fine morning .. All of us gathered somewhere in SP .. We chat .. We laugh .. We are so god damn happy !!

Sigh .. But i'm losing track of many of our friends .. Here , I'll post some questoins which i've yearn to ask you but i just don't get the chance !

@ Song Lin :
How are you ?? Got sien Korean girls in Nilai ma ?? Your mom ok d or not ?? Has she went for her operation ??

@ Aik Jin :
Yo, brother ! How's life in UCSI ?? Can compete with the geniuses there or not ?? I always see your family's car on the road.. But never with you in it .. Felt a bit weird .. LOL ~

@ Samuel :
How's your preparation for US ? How come you can go around online in CC that often de ?

@ Yoon Seng :
Oi !! Hiao ka !! Sorry har.. I got receive your message on msn ... But my fking pc always lag !

@ Ming Shi :
Hoi brother !! Apa pasal lama tak mai saya punya blog ? Apa pasal lama tak online msn ??

@ Sin Yong :
Dude !! How's Rahman ?? Nice ??


Anonymous said...

Where got often?quite busy here and the last time I on was like 5-6 days ago..tell u something,my subjects here pretty chicham..=.="" got like 7-8 subjects and all of them are english,except for 1 math and 1 philosophy/theology..imagine that,almost every class is english subject @@ and the SAT test so hard..need to memorize the vocab list(got about 3.5k+ words need to be read/memorized)..if not,you're going to get panicked as 90% of the words in the test are the words you have never encountered before..and the essay,the first question I got was 'how to understand yourself better'..this is more like philosophy essay =.="" 100x harder than form 6...and lastly,this course is like testing+quizzing the whole semester..first week orientation straight away need to do placement test,and then after the class started,we got to do diagnostic tests for EVERY subjects..and then got quizzes once every one/two week along the whole semester..@@
ok,I've complaint enuf XD how bout your biology and physic and also the f..err,I mean annoying PA?XD all the best~


Anonymous said...

sam looks reali chicham...

aikjin said...

me ar...asking me can i compete with all the geniuses?u say urself ar...i m taking 4 subjects i.e. biology,chemistry,physic n maths...a levels is quite hard actually...those form 6 syllabus is actually quite similar to a levels syllabus...i think we dun encounter wat sam did b4 we jz go in the class,open the books,start my class all dentistry students la...imagine 26 future dentists sitting in one room...then every brain is so powerful...there r only 5 guys in my class...3 chinese, 1 malay n 1 can u think bout the ratio?it is about 1:5...quite good in ucsi is good...first,we dun wear uniform...second we can come back to hostel at anytime...the curfew time is 12 am but we actually can come back at anytime...then there is a gym here...badminton court,basketball court,ping pong tables,football court,pool,foosball here...and we can use it foc...except for pool n foosball...there is this longest pasar malam in malaysia every wednesday nite...n every week there is a recital by professional piano player...n last but not least, i got to go back to my uncle's house in subang jaya every weekend...haha...seems that i crap too much d...oh ya...i will b back at around 17 august...wait for me ya frens...chaoz!!

artcreator said...

Wow~ AJ, going back to sp? Me too in the middle of August! Haha! Oh ya, next time when you come to Subang Jaya inform me, I can go and find you! Haha! What is "foosball" actually?

And that damn ziyi, ask also not asking my recent condition... Really forget me le~~ T.T

Gila Babi said...

XD .. You ar ?

Read ur blog everyday also know liao la !