Saturday, 28 July 2007

28/07/07 - Dating !!

Yohoo !! Finally i get to date after one and a half month of sitting ducks in home !!

Snow White still looked gorgeous !! She's way too pretty !! I love her !! MUAKS !

Doink Doink Doink ~ But my bowling skills sucks ~ 

I only get a 67 ?!  OMG ?! 

I remember i used to get 115 ~ Sob Sob ~ 

Ok , nothing much to chat ~ To my loyal visitors.. and also my loyal "customers" .. Thanks for your support .. : )


Anonymous said...

here i come back again..
paiseh ziyi long time din visit ur blog i busy until every nite midnite oni come home..i busy wif society work n exam..haha..
i'm coming back on 5th of aug..hope can c u all la..
n i wan do some promotion..hehe
if free go dis web page n support
support 校花校草dis event!!thx oo

f8好可爱喔! 支持支持!!!

-mingshi- n i notice u wrote my name wrongly again in ur odler post...

Anonymous said...

bowling...made me miss the previous holiday so much...sobsob...
going back to kmpk again...see u all next time lor!(10-26th aug i'm having my mid-sem break!yeah!)
jia you~~~
{long time din visit here wonder i'm so outdated...=P }

Anonymous said...

pls lar u...
u use to get 115 then i ma 200 d>??

Anonymous said...

haiyo....u got 60++, i only got 50 smth....worse than u li...sommore i use both hand to throw (after u left) oso tak kena, sommore wash the drain from almost half metre from the starting think i terus slide there easier...XD

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