Friday, 6 July 2007

6 July 2007 - Shy incident ..

Today after coming back from tuition , I planned to stopped over at a noodle stall to enjoy some noodles ..

Suddenly i touch my butt pocket and noticed my wallet is not there !! I was like "WTF ?!" ..

At that moment only i know that I've left my wallet in the tuition center !! Damn !! And also the fact that I've drive almost 8 km without my license !! Sorry dear policemen .. :)

Worst of all what will happen to me if some bastards took it and don't want to return to me ?!

Luckily when i gone back to the tuition center .. The teacher is giving the the upper six students some work .. HAHA ~ Minimal distraction to the class i suppose ..

I went in and ask the girls sitting on the bench i was sittong just now .. Wow.. I was damn lucky !! The wallet is just below the bench !! Lied untouched there !! YAhoo !!!!

Lesson learnt : Don't put your wallet in your butt pocket !! The receptor of your butt is not sensitive !! Put them in your side pocket instead !!


artcreator said...

Should be careful next time.
Money gone is nothing, document lost is big case... :-)

Anonymous said...

haha.. my sis told me edi... so i noe all the details bout dis incident... kakaka...

Anonymous said...

who is yr sister

Anonymous said...

who r u? y muz i tel u who is my sis?

*JIING--------------JIUNN* said...

its good you learnt that
i left it inmy car one day. It was my lancer.

Anonymous said...

waaa money gone is nth...
come come gv me money...:p