Sunday, 22 July 2007

22/07/07 - A Stern Warning for Namewee !!

Wow !! Following Namewee's release of "I Love My Country - Negarakuku" song, the Deputy Minister of Ministry of Culture, Arts & Heritage - Dato' Wong Kam Hoong responded that Namewee had "polluted" the Malaysia national anthem by simply editing and modifying it into a rap song.

Dato' Wong Kam Hoong said that Namewee's act of modifying the national anthem is an act of showing disrespect to the country and he shall be executed.

Namewee is to face a RM100 fine or two-year jail term or both. On the other hand, shortly after the news reached Namewee's ears, he created a short video namely "The Song of Being Captured" (被抓之歌).

However , many tourists claims that they visited Malaysia after watching his "Negarakuku" clip in youtube !! Apparently, due to the high viewing rate of his video in youtube by Malaysians, Negarakuku has become the 17th most viewed video in youtube for this week !!

Due to this, many foreigners are exposed to the modified "Visit Malaysia Year Video" !! And they made up their mind to come here !! Wow !! Unexpected !!

p/s : The Malaysian Government did uploaded the real and actual "Visit Malaysia Year Video" in youtube for almost one year ! However , Namewee's one week old clip beat the original "Visit Malaysia Year Video" !! AMAZING !!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

"Namewee is to face a RM100 fine or two-year jail term or both. "

RM100 nia meh?Are you sure?I can pay for him XD

Malaysian Anti-Terrorism Association (MATA) said...

Dear fellow Malaysians,

5 days ago a group of criminals posted a Taliban-style threat against Namewee on YouTube.

Malaysians Anti-Terrorism Association (MATA) would like to invite you to fight against terrorism in Malaysia!

To show Malaysians' hatred against terrorism, MATA has posted three anti-terrorism videos on YouTube. Check them out, and spread them to your friends!

Let's tell the terrorists that Malaysians DO NOT tolerate terrorism! Tell them to get out of Malaysia!

Peace, and Happy Merdeka!