Saturday, 14 July 2007

14/07/07 - Stem cells for breast reconstruction .. !! WTF ?!

I just came back from mountain hiking and I went to Scientific American to read about some scientific stuff..

LOL ~ One damn article attracted my attention ..

Stem Cells Therapy Killer Application :
Breast Augmentation !!

WTFish ?!

Using fat from the patient's own body to rebuild other areas is not a novel idea, but such reconstructions often fail as the fat is simply reabsorbed.

However using fat-derived stem cells appears to overcome this problem, according to the company behind the procedure, Cytori Therapeutics.

LOL ~ This time.. The world is going to tumble again ..

I can only see one thing good about this new tech : breast cancer survivors get to have a pair of new breast ... I mean real one.. Not silicon.. nor plastics..

Hope the company's initial intention is to help them.. Not to trick some young woman who wants to expand from A to C ..


grass91 said...

hihi...niz meeting u...
u r kok pun's fren?
biology yahoo???omg...
i hate bio so so much!!!!!!
anyhow wish u gd luck in ur studies ya...gambateh ne~

*JIING--------------JIUNN* said...

helo its me again....
had to say that this blog has become my daily entertainment....