Thursday, 5 July 2007

5 Julai 2007 - I'm A Datuk's Wife , Call Me Datin !!

Haha ~ Something funny to share with all of you ..

Got one madam from one of the secondary schools in Sungai Petani. She's a Penolong Kanan HEM ..

In one of the meeting in school , got a teacher called her Pn. XXX and this woman burst into fury and shouted : " I'm a Datuk's wife !! Call me Datin !! "

LOL ~ Damn funny !! She deteriorated her own status only with that short phrase !! Pity !!

P/S : She's a Chinese woman married to an Indian man .. Anyone who knows who is she please share it here .. :)


*JIING--------------JIUNN* said...

chinese pkhem?
datin pkhem...
teruk teruk sia sui chinese nia....

Anonymous said...

her husband belong to MIC...wait a minute i thought they pindah to kl ady????......she wore glasses and drove a van is it???


Anonymous said...

hey..... i know tis DATIN... tis matter happened quite sometime d... DATIN was our skulmate's mom... His/Her name is Dxxxxxxx... One of our skulmates that likes to act lanci



Anonymous said...

But i thought they moved to kl.Kartik told me tat day...but in the end who cares.....they lanxi they pasai...everywhere also same

Anonymous said...

omg i think i knw hu

zhyin said...

who lai?