Friday, 27 July 2007

27/07/07 - Sigh ..

Today after Pengajian Am tuition class i met a few NS friends ..

One of them even ride his bike from Sungai Lalang to here just to meet me !!

OMG ! I'm so touched .. XD

Yeah , that fellow is my roommate in National Service, Chee Wei ..

We used to eat together .. Bath together .. Bully peoples together.. And even get involved in a fight together !!

Contrary to most of the camps in the north , my Kulim Bukit Besar camp is more like a camp with critical level of racial disputes ! Take my room , PL 1 , for example ... This Chee Wei accidentally stepped on one Malay dude's feet.. And a fight broke out..

Shit ! I have to act calm to stopped the fight .. One of my hand is pushing that Chee Wei to the back as he starts to try to bash that Malay dude.. While another hand of mine tries to block that Malay dude from hitting him ... LOL ~ I got hitted by that Malay dude on my face instead..

Sigh ~ Hero becomes Bear !

Never mind .. as long as it can keep my room peace.. A punch or a slap is okay ~

So the fight finally ended when that Malay fker finally realise that he hit the wrong fellow and also the fact that if he continue the fight , he might need to come back to one of these ghostlt National Service camp !! Haha !

And so... our friendship begins ~ :)

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