Sunday, 15 July 2007

15/07/07 - How to be a good wife.... from the 1950s.

Oh my god... i was trying to unwind by reading other people's blog.. But apparently.. I found this wonderful thingy !!


What the Fcuk !!
An extract from American girl's textbook from the 1950s..
Apparently they have to study on how to be a good wife :) .. Marvelous education !
Imagine all the women in Malaysia behave like this ~
The divorce rate will definitely plummet !
And ... Thailand will suffer a terrible economic breakdown ~
You know what i mean :) !!

Anyway .. Can anyone give me a good guide to be a good husband ?


Neptune Chye said...

Wondering why U refer yourself as "Gila Babi" in ChangYang's blog haha, which is damned cool man. U gotta keep it up haha.

Thanks for the comment in my blog.

Haha, f**k is not spelt that way though.

Happy studying in Form 6.

Anonymous said...

My class got a genius far a lot "bester" than surish.My god.He do a further math question juz a look while rest of us r struggling.really pian tai in econ class he mah too far liao in his knowledge.

zhyin said...

OMG!! really gt such an education?? couldnt belief it... However, do it works> hahahaha