Sunday, 15 July 2007

15/07/07 - When I was a little boy ...

When i was a cute little boy ... I always imagine myself as James Bond ~

I was a pervert since I'm 4 years old... Perhaps ?

I admire James Bond for having some short but playful relationship with every girl he encounters... *except MoneyPenny*

I also liked James Bond for his cool little gun ... The Walther PPK .. Cool little gun ... Compact .. and easily hidden...


Besides that... James Bond rokx because his codename 007 means ... The license by her Majesty to kill... Well... I can't kill.. At least he can kill people legally .. :P

James Bond also has a fine collection of cars to drive with !! Wow !! All thanks to old-Q .. LOL ~
My favorite Bond car is the BMW Z8 .. :)


James Bond is also a fine gentleman .. The only practical traits that he had and can be applied in today's world.. Always dressed in full suit.. The utmost costume preferred by today's gentleman..

And best of all... James Bond is a loyal man to his motherland England .. And his majesty .. The Queen of England ..

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