Wednesday, 17 October 2007

A Problem Regarding Village Mall of Sungai Petani

Do you people know why is it delayed for opening after so many days and weeks ?

Well, i just received a news... "not sure about it's authenticity"

Apparently , the local council of Majlis Perbandaran Sungai Petani wants a sweetes coffee from the developer..

With a cup of sweet coffee and some sweet tea.. They will provide them with an O.C.

What the hell la...

Quickly get it opened so that i can have a good place to kill my time when i feel like going for a date !!

- the Malacca trip's continuation part has to be delayed... As I've ran out of bandwidth in Flickr !
- Snow White is back in town ... time to go for a happy date again !! yay !! Love you, Snow White !!


ladybird said...

It has become a norm in our country that everything can be settled by treating them sweet coffee.Isn't it true?

artcreator said...


Paradize said...

Now only i know Malaysian officers r all coffee-thirst...
But since they drank so much coffee, how come they still fall asleep all the time....=.=

Dan said...

interesting... im not from SP, but is it the new place with tesco?