Tuesday, 16 October 2007

The Trip To Melaka - Part 1

Hello everybody !!

I'm just back from Malacca ! Sorry for the state of negligence regarding this blog ~

Anyway, I'm going to blog about my trip to Malacca recently .. And I'm going to divide it into a few parts since there are too many things to blog about !!

Ok ..

On the day we departed .. I'm damn worried about the traffic congestions on the PLUS highway and also the weather !

LOL ~ I know some of you might not believe it, but I've drive from Bidor to Sungai Buloh on the way to Malacca !!

Yes !! And I've drive untill 110 km/h !!

LOL ~ Dun believe me ar ? I show you pictures :

Muahaha !!

As for lunch, we drop by at Bidor ..

A small town in southern Perak .

Man, they have the best WanTan Noodles in Malaysia !!!

Yes !! They do !!

And their WanTan is simply marvelous !!

Imagine having 2 huge prawns in your wantan... Both unchopped.. Both still in perfect shape !!

And best of all ... one plate of noodle.. lot's of char siew... lot's of ChoiSam.. And a bowl of wantan with 3 wantan in it ..

............................................ they costs only RM 2.50 !!

Yet, they are still the best WanTan Mee in Malaysia !!

LOL ~~ So happy !

Then we continued our journey to Malacca and stopped by at Sungai Buloh rest station ..

That place ar..... didn't really impress me...

Although they have Burger King...

Picture 010

Dunkin Doughnuts...

Picture 012

Baskin Robins...

Picture 013

KFC ...

Picture 009


Picture 011

and some old photos and good interior design..

Picture 002

Picture 016

They still lack the kick that I get from eating Bidor's WanTan mee... !!


Then .. we continued our journey.. However, dad's driving now..

However.. we are low on fuel..

So we stop by at a small town called Rembau ..

Picture 019

Look at the huge amount of ppl waiting for refueling....

Picture 018

and finally .......

Malacca !!!


Anonymous said... until 110 very proud is it>?

artcreator said...

why these days got so many ppl like to kacau blog 1..? Mine kena, and now is Gila Babi turn...

to the anonymous,
drive until 110 you think is child-play, but i believe that you couldn't drive until this speed with kancil! XD Don't think that you are so damn geng when driving in high speed, when you kena masuk hospital, Gila Babi will the one who save you! XD

Gila Babi = Future Doctor... XD

*JIING--------------JIUNN* said...

Kancil starts to vibrate violently at 85 kmh... to reach 110 and still reach destination safely is a commendable effort.
I went up to 140 b4 tho....

Gila Babi & Snow White said...

@ artcreator :

That anonymous is my Snow White.. :P

I know that's her because of the ">?"

Anyway.. I'm not 100% can be doctor yet la...

By the way .. I met a relative who is a cartoonist at KL .. tell you more of what i've learn from him about the art industry when i meet you...


140 in your brother's kelisa ?

Or your dad's Camry ?

Or your mamee's Latio ??

Anonymous said...

wakakaka....wen feng...i'm not pengacau lar.....LOL

artcreator said...


Anonymous said...

careful tho,kancil cannot run fast, one time the kancil i drove broke down on the road(cannot move at all),the foreman showed me some 'batang' inside the engine which were bended(cost 100+ to service) ,i think that mayb bcoz I drive at high speed ..I didnt drive veli veli fast,juz 100-120km nia..

*JIING--------------JIUNN* said...

henry's merc

yin_zyiN said...

gila babi, de burger king al that gv u how much to PROMOTE them huh???