Sunday, 28 October 2007

My childhood memory with Lasy ..

Has any of you played this toy before ?

I mean Lasy ..

A toy that looks like Lego.. But has more room for you to express your creativity !

I believe some of you all may think that I'm just a home boy boy ..

Never play .. Never joke..

everyday just sit at home and sucks milk ..

Panda Milking

When i was a kid .. I used to be a very naughty boy !

One day my mom was cooking at the back..

I took out the Lasy toy and started making some sort of bird that look like this Lasy model :


Then i arrange the ducklings on the staircase ..

row by row i arrange them ..

Haha.. Then i show off my duck parade to my mom !

LOL ~ My mom was like "fainted" !

Haha !

She says : " Ah boy ar !! Go do your 'gong ke' la !! Stop playing with ducks here !! "


LOL ~ art piece not appreciated .. haha ~


ep said...

Hahahaha..try to sell your masterpiece to one of the gallery in Petronas..sure get appreciated one..!!

ladybird said...

Dude...You remind me of my Lasy Toy!I used to make all kind of weird toys with bro.I miss my toy!Sob...

eve said...

i rmbr i had fun with lasy when i was young too... lol...

btw, the baby panda pic looks great! damn cute babies~ lol..

Raynur said...

:D i built so many things with lasy. remember airwolf, the 80's tv show about that cool heli? i built the heli with my lasy. and damn lasy so addictive that when the kementerian kesihatan ppl wanna fog my house, i refused to leave my lasy behind :D