Friday, 26 October 2007

Starbucks : America's Biggest Drug Dealer (PART 2)

Sorry for the long delay for Part 2 ...

Starbucks is really a drug selling company !

Their coffees are some sort of damn drug !!

They had corrupted the mind of Playboy's Boss Hugh Hefner !!!

So much that he ordered the filming of a movie titled : Women Of Starbucks..

Ok ...
I know due to my damn stupid talking behaviour where most of my topic is about sex...
I know some of you must be thinking that I've watch this movie before !
Which in fact... I don't ! And I've no interest for AngMoh !!

Ok ... I'm revealing the pics .. Censored to ensure that this Blog is still clean and healthy !


Ok ..
Basically from the synopsis .. It's just a movie where you get lot's of female barista stripping their Starbucks apron for you ..

Just found it out from Wikipedia : Women model who worked for Starbucks get a monthly pay of USD 25,000 and also a brand new sport car painted in pink !

No wonder girls love to work for Playboy ~

1 comment:

ep said...

Wahh...Lucky im not a girl..

If not, sure i become one of the starbucks girl..can get sport cars..

Wah lau yehh..!!!