Thursday, 11 October 2007

10 - 10 - 07 = happy !!

Hahah !!

Today is such a happy day !!

Experiment at school is a success.. although i was so dizzy after 1 and a half hours of staring at the microscope !

Then , not much homework is given , cool !!

Pn Liew left our school d.. well , i'm not happy nor unhappy about this ~
People come and people go...
It's a natural law !

Then at afternoon we went to centre square !
I ordered a damn small cup of Old Town coffee .. like cocktail only ~

( Yap , we shud have took photo of the damn coffee )

Then we go on playing some unknown sports on the top floor !

Cool !! I never hang out in that kind of place .. !! ( I'm good boy mah )

Then we went to watch cellphones .. and then went straight home !

HUahuahua !!

It's been a long time since i had such a care-free lepak day ..

I love it .. and it's definitely refreshing !

BTW, our ANGKASAWAN is floating in space now..
Pretty emotional when the Soyuz space-craft took flight..
But it also shows our Boleh Semangat by sacrificing a man to space as an offering for Ti Kong ( god of sky in hokkien ) !

Whatever it is .. life goes on and exam is coming soom.

Honey is taking her As exam tommorow .. very nervous for her..
Feel like taking that exam for her ..
Goodluck, honey !! Gambatte !!


Paradize said...

hahaha...glad to hear that u r happy today, SOMEONE just missed the exciting activities just because that SOMEONE wanna sleep more...and thus he loses the cds he wanted...
serve him right...told him not to stay at home for too long ady...

落叶 said...

Yala, pang poi ki...No G no go..
Exam coming soon but big holiday oso coming soon..Gud luck to sc too..

Gila Babi & Snow White said...

@ Paradise : Yeah ... that particular someone !!!

@ Falling leaf : Thanks for the goodluck wishes ... i already informed her .. :)