Thursday, 11 October 2007

11/10/07 - Rainy day ...

Global warming is really hitting us !

Yesterday was the eve of "KaoOngYiah" or the "9 Emperors Festival" ..

For the past few years ... I've noticed that on the eve of this festival, it would be a damn rainy day !

However .. for this year, the rain starts on the morning of the first day of the festival !!

OMG ~ One day late ... it's (global warming) really coming liao !!

But whatever it is .. I went to the wet market of UTC today.

I whack some fatty meat for Snow White, then bought some really beautiful tomatoes from Wen Feng's dad's stall ..

Man, he really sells tomatoes of the best quality only , and they are damn cheap !! 6 round and firm and red tomatoes for only 1.50 ringgit !!

Then i shop for some soya milk , taufufa and also hokkien mee !

So for today's breakfast, it's hokkien mee and Neslo ( fusion of Milo and Nescafe ) !!

breakfast 11 october 2007

Man, all thanks to my Sony camera you guys get to see some pics on this blog ... If you guys want more pics , then do as i told you guys !! LOL ~


ladybird said...

I want to eat hokkien mee!!!

artcreator said...

thx ya for making a business with my parenst~! XD