Monday, 29 October 2007

Pig Nation

Once upon a time...

Long before human ruled the Earth ...

A powerful species is controlling all the organisms on Eath ~

They are the PIG ~

They live loyally under the rule of His Highness Babilord MahMud a.k.a. MaH Hai Hai Shah a.k.a. Babi Stalin ~

communists pig

Or know as Piggy Butoh ~

And formed a powerful feudal nation ...

Guarded by the Kotek Pig Army !

However ... Humans invented a powerful technique ~

Hunting ~

And then begun to wipe out the Pig Nation's power ~

The pigs did put up a powerful fight ~

Under the command of Hang Babi ..


However human proves too strong...

Even Babi Tuah was hunted down ..

Monster Pig

Babi Jebat was shot and hang up high ...


Babi Kasturi was turned into roast pork when fighting ..


Babi Tun Perak was turned into a semi-human female pig ~

Just some lousy jokes for you guys to laugh ..

Nothing sensitive, ok ?

HaHaHa ~~

Long live the Babis !


ep said...


Are those pictures are real?

are u sure the babi is so big like dat? champion wor...the babi looks like a bear laaa..

Gila Babi & Snow White said...

ep :


They are real !!

No kidding !!

One found in Ohio .. Another in Florida !

In America !!

Anonymous said...

Babi punye orang..

Anonymous said...

that picture is so obviously fake it is stupid

Baker said...

No.... that is real.... i would know that is my brother.

Anonymous said...

the last picture is not real.. its actually an exhibitions sometime ago which is the artist just making some sculptures with those kinds of arts.. you can surf it on the net.. but that f**king big boar.. wahhlawwwweeeyyyy... i guess you will turn into babi if you eat that big thingy... ahahhaha