Friday, 5 October 2007

Bloggers who publish ads ...

Bloggers who publish ads are not unprofessional blogger..

Bloggers who publish ads are poor people ..

Bloggers who publish ads wants to earn some decent income from their baby blog..

Bloggers who publish ads are human too...

GilaBabi is also one of the poor bloggers...

GilaBabi hopes to earn some extra money so that it can dine in T.G.I. Fridays..


GilaBabi hopes to earn some money so that it can drink Starbucks Coffee...

*I'm the minimalist?!*

GilaBabi hopes to earn more so that it can buy itself a K550i ~

SE K550i

I am now an affiliates of Google Adsense , Nuffnang and Adverlets !!

Yes !!

And i write eveyday to give you all, my beloved readers something to kill your boredome ~
I love money , baby !!

Oh yes i do !! i do !!

Look, imagine one day..

You opened up your mailbox ..

And you see ... THESE :


text link ads reviewme corsarius cheque check


Bloody hell !!

LOL ~ What a relieve to see these cents accumulate everyday..

And they have finally arrive at your pocket !!

Wohoo !!

You understand what am i writing ??

I just want to tell the world..
Bloggers who publish ads are just as professional as those who don't..
Our blog content is highly competitive ..
And best of all, we are always working hard to boosts our blog's popularity !!

ViVa para blogger !!


落叶 said...

Ziyi, i'll give u 10 clicks for tis post .... XD

Miss Nobody said...

5 clicks then 4 my starbucks frappucino...haha