Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Sugar Apple

Any of you seen this fruit before ??


HaHa .. I know ..

In your mouth you are saying : Lim Kim !!

Muahaha !!

Yes .. They are Lim Kim !

But how are you going to describe it to a Caucasian ?!

Are you going to say : " Er.. Do you know that kind of fruit with an alligator's skin ?"

Caucasian : " What the hell !! Alligator skin ?! .. Oh my .. Malaysian sucks ! They are too addicted to animal skin until they plant alligator skin on fruits ?! "

Damn you all who failed our Visit Malaysia 2007 !!

Actually it is called a sugar apple !!

It is a native of the Carribean !

Unebelieveable !!

Carribean to Malaysia !!

Wohoo !!

Why humans in Malaysia have NEP ..

but fruits don't have NFP ?


Anonymous said...

quite nice one li

miaopin said...

jia jia n i call dis " yao yao pui" bite and then " pui" the seeds..

Gila Babi & Snow White said...

lol ~ Miao pin , you and jia jia so funny !!