Thursday, 4 October 2007

Mad Pig's Guide to Motel Success !!


I'm talking as if I'm an expert this this field !

Haha ~

On my previous post, I talked about how Malaysian loves sex.. And how much are they enjoying it !!


Now.. If you think of money making, motel is the thing !!

1st : Get yourself a building !!

Yup, every motel need a building ma ... Dude, don't ever ever ask your client to sleep on the street !!

Well... When it comes to building, make sure you get one that's not too luxurious !

Never pick one like this :


People come here to jolok , not to see your damn stupid chandeliers lar !!!

Ok, then you gotta paint your building like TunesHotel ..


Kuala Lumpur's budget hotel..

2nd : Put Proper Stuff Will Do !!!

Ok, remember ..

People come here just to jolok !!
Not to have coffee or watch TV !!
Not to swim too !!

They Just Want a Damn Place to JOLOK !!

All you need is a room like this :


3rd : Get a Good Maid Will Do !!

LOL ~ Look, the maid's job is just to clean up the Scene-of-Crime !!

OK ?

No point hiring maids like this (USD 50 per Day ) :

Sexy French Maid

Nor this ( 10000 yen per day) :


All you need is Kakak Mariah ( 100 rupiah a day !! ) :


Got it , dude ?

Oh ya..

4th Step ... : Put on a Condom Machine !

Get a condom machine in your motel, dude..


Support safe sex.. Curb AIDS..

Together, we can make this world a better place..
-a community service message from GreenLatte-

That's all you ever need for your damn motel !!

You earn your money, your client has place to jolok ~

We got a win-win situation here !!


Paradize said...

so you are planning on managing a motel lar...i c i c...
splendid entrepreneurship
someday, u will own a motel...
sooner or later......
u will open franchises which included PIG motel, wif PIGS ONLY sign at the big big door there...wakakaka
when tat happen...i wonder how will the beds look like...

ep said...

Hahaha..Why don't you teach them how to "JOLOK" like a pig.. sure ppl follow wan..!!!

*JIING--------------JIUNN* said...

i am thinking how you are gonna paont your motel...


Build a theme motel..all in pig style, condom with pig head, blanket,pillow, with picture of pigs.. even wearing pig mask when do dat thing...XD

Gila Babi & Snow White said...

@ Paradize :
I'll never give up medicine !!

@ ep :
JOLOK pig can get disease one lar...

@JJ :
Swt... Why will you think so ?!
It's... It's.. It's very profitable ma..

@Leaf :
Condom with pig head ... Hmm... :P