Monday, 22 October 2007

I miss all of them !!!

Argh !!

I just challenge myself to stick my ass to the chair in my study room for 1 hour !

Yes !! I did it !!

No toilet !

No refilling my Chinese tea !!

Not even half an inch away from the sitting board of my chair !!

HaHa !!

I did it !

1 hour !! Yahoo !!!

Next target is 1.30 hours..

MuaHaHaHa !!

Suddenly i'm missing some special stuff from my friends in form 5...

I'm missing PuBoh Ling's Tiramisu ~

I'm missing Samuel Law @ WTF's cold jokes as well as his preference for OL ~

I'm missing JJ's unpredictable behaviour ~

I'm missing Dr Lee's self laughing moment ~

I'm missing Ah Chok's water gun guerilla war fare experience a.k.a. " peeing in school compund but ! not the toilet !!"


Look at the right hand side kid's pose..

So "yao yeng" !!



S@m said...

Omfgwth?cold joke?I dont remember myself telling cold jokes..and wtf is this "his preference for OL"...=.="""""

Paradize said...

y never miss me..../cry2...

Neptune Chye said...

lol Should try next time!