Thursday, 14 June 2007

Friends Status - 14 June 2007

Sorry for the late update ~ I was pretty busy for the past few days ...

Here we go again :

Yoon Seng :
.... Go to SMK Ibrahim with Puboh Chok and kacau people in school.. then drive to roundabout and round 10 rounds ... then go to SMJK Sin Min and kacau people some more ..

Song Lin :
Duh ~ I miss this fella ... Always online , but his hostel's internet sucks.. send message there also dunno it really reached there or not..

Zhi Quan :
................... Still stealing people's undies.. haha .. Ok lar .. he's back to normal d.. perhaps the cure is within the school or near to him .. :P

Samuel :
Still attending form 6 class.. but planning to leave form 6 next week wor... dunno real or not real de..

Mingshi :
Returned to Melaka already .. I think tonight he's going to sing in Chok FM !!

Aik Jin :
Secretly took girl's photo in Kopitiam at CS ... Teruk la .. LOL ~~

Yi Qing :
Now in Matrics .. But often online especially during weekend ..

Pong :
Came back to form 6 to further her studies .. apparently .. she miss us all .. haha ~ That's why she come back .. :P

Yin Hui :
Went to KL to meet Ong Ka Ting .. But came back two or three days ago d .. I think her hairstyle is new , quite nice .. haha

Miao Pin :
big kakak is the class monitor for 6RS2 !!

Sin Yong :
Confirmed in TARC now... Dunno he got his TESL or not ...

Grace :
Hehehe .. ehem ehem ... hehehe .... ehem ehem ...

Man Shin :
Currently in TARC ~ Zhi Quan said that she falls in love with him ~

Yee Huan :
She's busy with her matrics moral stuff lately..

Jun Pin :
Grll .. I know where did the washing machine come from liao .. She used coins to pay for her laundry service .. Ish .. Rich man's daughter .. LOL ~ just joking ..

Yap :
Panda Man is back !! wakakak !!

Wen Feng :
He's currently lost in whether to take up major in advertising or animation ..

Ke Tee :
Erm... nothing special la... she's like that lor... you know ?? Like that la !!

Yan Chuan :
Er.. she too ... you know ? like that !! liek that lor.. like a normal form 6 bio class girl la !!

Fei Fan :
Enjoying her 3 month summer break .. and i think she grew taller..

Sin Hui :
Wakaka !! Driving test coming soon !! LOL ~ *nightmare*

Ai Vern :
Got JPA to study social science i think ... not very sure..

Yong Yi :
JPA appeal success !!! Congrates !!

Jiing Jiunn :
He went back to Singapore liao .. His room is in a mess as his stupid roommate from India messed it all ... swt .. =="

Sze Chee :
Currently preparing for her second sem.. Although on a holiday .. But always need to go college for class.. Sigh ... Less time for dating d... Honey .. Muaks !


*JIING--------------JIUNN* said...

do post some photos lo...
i wanna see da jie's new hairdo...

I miss ah leng zai too......
sien leh everybody is like suernova, blast off in the speed of light.... surrender now or prepare to fight,,,,
oops... team roket pulak..
head is spinning from the dustd,,,

Anonymous said...

last nite chok singing made my old pc terus
so don plan 2 sing wif him anymore..let indonesia army shot him..haha..joking joking...
very happy can meet those in ibrahim tat day..hope we wil meet again..i miz u al much...

Anonymous said...

ei...upstairs de bro/sis..who r u>?

Anonymous said...

oi...dont spoil my 'good name' lar...u know what is 'entertainment' for?try to go through the life here and u will know why entertainment is important...
haha...crapping nonsence coz have nothing to do(in the class now)...good luck there!
(leave my comment as anonymous but i think u should know who am i lar...=P)

zhyin said...

er... correction correction.. ziyi.. how u noe i miss u al so i come back de??? hahaha... cheh!

However, sinyong went to UTAR... n he nt even go to TESL appeal le..

btw, i oso wan c yinhui new hairstyle!!!