Sunday, 17 June 2007

Sick .. but recovering well... !!

Fuck ~ Another fucking piece of day ..

Yeah ~ I'm sick .. And my MC is over so I have to attend school !

Luckily .. this fucking flu doesn't break out and the fever didn't become an obstacle for me..

But the problem is ... I've missed Physic class for a day and I'm like a dumb ass when following Pn Teoh's class ... sigh ~

What to do ... Nothing else but to go home and revise it .. but , FUCK ~~ I can't concentrate .. I ate those medicine and i was like a sloth ... ZZzz.... Down and down to dreamy world ..

When i wake up .. I know i must get rid of this fucking disease ..

You guys know what i did ??

PT 10 !!!

Yeah ~ I know it sounds funny .. But after 10 rounds of jumping and clapping .. I'm sweating like hell and off the disease and as fresh as i ever did ... :)

P/S : PT 10 is Physical Training 10 .. To those who had went for National Service .. I'm very sure that you know what is this fucking piece of exercise.. I'm also glad that something I've learn in National Service has benefited me !! Yahoo !!


Anonymous said...

The word 'fuck' has been repeated at least 6 times in this blog entry...A new high record I suppose?XD

And doesnt it feel odd to do pt 10 in your house?Surely your family will stare at you with weird looks on their faces,and also with their jaws hanging...o.o;; do some other 'normal' exercise like pumping or jogging ma..XD

Mad Dog said...

Aiyo .. I believe i can achieve a higher record of "fuckish" words.. :P

PT 10 can sweat better ma.. LOL ~

Anyway .. My parents all biasa watching me doing PT 10 d ~ LOL ~~