Monday, 18 June 2007

18 June 2007 - Evening

Phew ~ Feeling better today .. :) , but i think I've passed the disease to my fellow classmate .. *woops* !!

The profit of this blog has just outreached USD 10 dollars... Pretty slow huh .. Haha .. patience is the key to success, dude !!

Damn ~ Form 6 life is getting more and more fuckingly stressful..

Today Mr.K has just informed us to start looking for infos for our chemistry assignments and also folios... Fuck ~ So fast .. I'm still having troubles understanding physics.. Damn it !! If I'm a girl .. I would have 5 menstrual hit per month ~~ Luckily I'm not .. Phew ~


Anonymous said...

hmmm.. which means there will be 10 times of menstrual hit in July for me... LOL...


zhyin said...

haha... hey. GILA BABI... u r instead insulting la!!