Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Friends Status 6 June 2007

Yoon Seng :
Lucky Fella... got JPA Scholarship to Indonesia for medicine ... haha .. now enjoying himself in matrics... referred as professor by his roommate..

Song Lin :
This dude is still in Nilai.. Doink... hope his friends from China didn't toxicate his mind with porns... XD

Zhi Quan :
Duh... everyday steal a girl's clothes.. always race around in school with his Honda City ... Gai lor... Dun be like this la... haha ~

Samuel :
Just bought a N73 .. Always got fooled when he's in his car.. Set a cute little " Bear Papa Bear Mama " song from Korean Drama "Full House" as his phone's ring tone.. HAHA ~

Mingshi :
On h0liday now.. Relaxing in home.. Loves my blog ( thank you ) .. and taught me lately that physic is like sex... haha ... Its really like sex .. :P ..

Aik Jin :
Aik Jin is now at home... waiting to enter UCSI to start his scholarship year... Will be going on 1st of July ..

Yi Qing :
Lives in the same block as Yee Huan.. haha .. Hope she won't get bullied there ... ( considering she's one year younger ) .. haha ... but she'll online quite frequent there..

Pong :
In Matrics Perak too... Lives in the same block as Jun Pin if I'm not mistaken ..

Yin Hui :
Our future architect is also waiting for her JPA studies to begin...

Miao Pin :
Relaxing at home... Now form 6 holiday ...

Sin Yong :
Confirmed in TARC now... Dunno he got his TESL or not ...

Grace :
Changed to form 6 liao ... Due to "emergency break" ... It's a wise choice anyhow .. good luck ..

Man Shin :
Currently in TARC ~ Zhi Quan said that she falls in love with him ~

Yee Huan :
In Matrics Perak .. always ask me maths from her college .. haha ..

Jun Pin :
Forgot to write about her last week , in Perak Matrics too ... Dunno where the hell she founds a washing machine to wash her clothes... while others in the same college wash with hands.. Heard they said she use coins to pay the washing machine.. LOL ~

Yap :
Always sick lately... hope he'll be fit soon... Our Panda Man will always be the best !!

Wen Feng :
Our SP Spielberg is now in The One Academy ... Just moved to a new house.. that's why he can't online lately... as his new house has no Streamyx ..

Ke Tee :
In form 6 .. Biology Class... almost burst off in fury during Chemistry tuition due to some noisy girls from some school...

Yan Chuan :
Form 6 too... Biology class ... and will stays in Biology class... after got shocked reading my physic notes.. haha

Fei Fan :
Going to China for intensive training ... Wow ... The maestro is becoming a goddess..

Sin Hui :
Failed her first driving test... during 3 point turn... friends... let's pray hard she'll pass the next time .. :)

Ai Vern :
Got JPA to study social science i think ... not very sure..

Yong Yi :
JPA appeal success !!! Congrates !!

Jiing Jiunn :
Dude... I hope i spelled your name correctly... Even i've been in the same school with you for the past 11 years ... >< ... now in SP.. a short break from ACJC... My beloved

Sze Chee : Just finished her first semester... now holiday in Genting Highland.. Hope she enjoyed her trip ... love you , darling .. I love you .. Mrs Wan .. MUAKS !!

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zhyin said...

i same block wif yiqing n yeehuan la.. n junpin same wif jia la.. n de washing machine gt in every block. coz i oso used that.. haha