Saturday, 9 June 2007

9 June 2007 - Noon

Just come back from choir practise in school ..

Guess the school choir is almost at the end of its life time .. alm0st dead ..

Discipline is terrible .. Damn terrible !! All the tenors are talking about online games like Maple or what 80 levels in 2 days .. WTF ??! They should be talking harmony .. intonations.. pronunciation and church voice !!!

Sigh .. anyway .. I've lost my hopes on them .. It's been dead for a while .. I'm in the choir just to get my cocuri marks .. and also just to add up more points together with my NS certs ..

Walao .. Chemistry homework still bundled up like a hill .. and so does PA .. !! FUCK !!

Gai liao .. later wanna dating summor .. better stop writing .. bye bye everyone .. at night only I'll send in another post .. :)

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