Monday, 4 June 2007

4 June 2007 - Morning

It's going to be a lonely week for me....

Honey went to genting for a holiday with her family... Dad's in Sarawak doing his volleyball stuff ...

I missed a post yesterday ... >< ... reason : too tired after coming home from dating ~ LOL ~

Today I eat snake a bit ... Mom asked me to go pay the Kancil's installment ... :p guess that's a good way to skip choir practise ... XD

For the remaining time I guess I'll just sit around... Enjoy my physic like sex ( as said by Mingshi ) .... Have a cup of latte ... toppled up with never ending flow of Jazz music ... How's that to you ? HaHa ... To me , that's heaven !

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hello i tel u thousand times tat my name is mingshi not Ming joint 2gether!!!haha physic is like sex is not mention me instead my lecturer mr.ramli(same name wif ramli burger hehe)..i wil keep looking forward for ur post..i lov ur blog..nice baby..ya in future if u oredi b a doctor,spend some time wif ur family 2..especially ur old parents who care for u since u r born..

-super fans mingshi-