Sunday, 10 June 2007

Women And Money And Beauty

One day John and Douglas went to shopping with their wives.. While their wives went off to shop for their shining clothings and accessories ... John and Douglas went to the nearest cafe and have some chit chats ..

John : I still don't get it why woman spend a fortune on clothings and make up stuff ... I'd rather used them to polish up my car !

Douglas : Yeah ~ Me too .. Never get the idea even though I've been Deborah's husband for 10 years ..

John : Sigh ~ Do you know the age old saying ?? " Women spend a fortune on clothings and stuffs just to impress their man .. And to gain attention from their man .. but .. What men really want to see is when women are totally nude !! " LOL ~~


Anonymous said...

Haha.....What a funny joke.....:[

Anonymous said...

lol... it's true... that's we call M-E-N!!!....