Monday, 11 June 2007

11 June 2007 - Late Night

Sorry for the late update ~ ><''

I was fuckingly busy and aroused by the physic notes and some stuff tat teacher taught in school while i was involved with the damn stupid choir practice ..

LOL ~~ Samuel... Your writings can fight with CZQ d .. LOL ~~ I can hardly understand your notes and your notes has lot's of mistakes .. :P

My wife went to Penang today .. sigh .. thought of going for a date .. but since she's busy then I'll study today and date another day lor ..

Recently some stupid idea of buying a hand phone popped up in my mind .. I'm aiming for Nokia 5700 ... Not sure of the twisting keypads' endurance yet .. still doing some research ... LOL !! And I'm using the income from this blog's ad to support the spendings of buying a 5700 !! >< !!


Anonymous said...

Anyway......Since when sze chee becomes your wife?Hahahaha......

Anonymous said...

i'm back 2 support u...
ic wan change a fon d...
but if depends on dis kind of like 2 terminate acc when u earn much(u kena once rite..hehe)..
n 5700 not bad..but price is a bit expensive...if nokia try consider N series..i oni look at nokia for n series,others na nono..recently i jz bought a new if u can tel me ur budget mayb i wil giv u some i did some effort on hp a few weeks ago..

-super fans mingshi-