Wednesday, 27 June 2007

27 June 2007 - Late afternoon

Yeah ! For the first time of my life time, I join the St. John activity of my school !! ( St. John Dewasa to be exact ) ..

Well.. All i can say is it's pretty nice.. a bit boring.. all student organized and no teacher involved !! Which makes the best part of the whole activity !! We can chat ( provided it's not too loud ) , sms.. , laugh .. and take part in the activity !! The marvelous multi-tasking thing teenagers love most !!

E.g. .. I broke my high score on the SNAKE game in my Nokia 3100 !! LOL ~

The seniors are all nice and wonderful people !! Some of them are serious yet fun to mix with.. some of them damn shy .. some very sarcastic .. some loves to disturb people and get the opposite sex's attention .. LOL ~ Whatever .. They reminds me of what teenagers should be like.. Vibrant, cheerful, energetic, fun-loving, TALKATIVE, SMS, Bluetoothing and naughty ( like how we ordered the seniors to do Ninja Turtle JUMP !! ) ..

Haha .. Whatever.. I love this club !!

But here comes the bad thing .. shit !

On the morning assembly, Mr Hoh walked to me and murmured to me : " Get ready a speech tomorrow and talk at the front ..... "

My heartbeat stopped for 5 seconds.. The word WTF appears in my mind.. aldosterone level rocketed and I'm dazzled ..

Damn it !! Why must I be the first public speaker all the time ?! When I'm in form 4 .. When I'm in CB class in NS .. and now lower 6 !! WTF ?!!?!?!

P/S : I heard about some funny but not that funny thingy in 6RS2 .. Lazy to blog about it here..


KP Chen said...

CB Class.


CB Class.

I don't know why but whenever I see the letters CB together, I can only think of the vulgar Hokkien phrase.

*JIING--------------JIUNN* said...

no comment

zhyin said...

wat funny thing ever happened in 6rs2?