Friday, 22 June 2007

When you want to slap someone.. Think Twice !!

Erm .. Mr Pay told me that he wants to slap someone lately, but i advised him not to slap, as slapping someone actually resulted in being slapped back by that particular person effortless !!

According to Newton's Third Law of Motion ,

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.
-by Sir Isaac Newton-
LOL ~ That's the phrase used when you played Civilization 4 and your nation finished the physic research. !!

Bullshits ! Back to topic !!

So when you exert a force on someone's face, that fellow actually exerted back an equal amount of force back on your palm !! And It's done without even a single joule of energy !!

Erm.. wait, i think that fellow did as his neurones need some ATPs to produce energy to transmit the neuron signals back to the mind ~

Hm.. So, the next time when you wanna slap someone , THINK TWICE , babe !!

p/s : Girls, just slap your boy friend and don't think twice. It's a pleasure to get slapped by SC for me ( although i never tried that ) ..


Anonymous said...

ok lor,I rugi a bit,next time see u I slap you 15 times,let ur face exert the same amount of force of 15 slaps back to my palm lor...see whose pain receptors receive more signal XD

*JIING--------------JIUNN* said...

Palm have less pain receptors than the face. In a sense, the one get slapped in the face experienced more intense pain.

Besides that, the palm have thicker epidermis layer and dead flesh as cells as well assuming that the erson is a clean person and washes his face thoroughly everyday[aren't all of us are?], so by counting the number of cellular death, the person who got slapped is still at lost, since their face experience higher degree of cell death.

And, since the face is flesh, it is soft, therefore, a small amount of the force is dampened. Therefore, the person who slapped the other person will receive less feedback force.

Therefore, if you don't mind the little price you pay for devastating pain, please do so.

err.... Just kidding... i dun wanna be slapped on the face....

Anonymous said...

i support wat de anonymous said...
hey, u r kulit gatal izzit? wan ppl slap u??? gosh