Saturday, 30 June 2007

30 June 2007 - At last ..

After 3 days of isolation from the digital world... Finally... I'm back ..

As my hand reach out for the modem .. My heart is pounding hard .. My nervousness increases.. As I pushed the "ON" button on my modem... The PWR light lights up immediately... as the LAN and DSL light blinks in an uneven manner... Soon.. All lights are up, with frequent ACT light blinking ... I let go a sigh of relieve...

Then , as my hand reach for the mouse and aim my cursor to the "Streamyx" icon on my desktops... my heart beat is increasing again... I couldn't bear this mixed feeling of anxiousness.. nervousness... excitement and boredom of no internet connectivity anymore !! Immediately .. I pushed the connect button...

In a split of a second ... YAHOO !! I'm connected back to the internet world !!!

This is the damn thing that'll happen to me once in a while.. Forget to pay the broadband bill and my connectivity got suspended .. FUCK !! I Don't Want To Be Suspended Anymore !!

So , i take a vow to ensure that i pay my bill every month !!

"By the name of my self installed-AMD 64-powered-PC.. I vow to pay my RM 88 and not value for money internet bill every month !!!"
-Gila Babi-

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